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Hello, My name is Victoria, I am a photographer and photo editor. I have been running Hana studios now for just about 3 years now. I run a couple different studios as well as work at a lovely club named the Roxbury, which a few of my studios are located in or co-owned by♥
ꨄ︎➺ Aether, Adamantoise, Emp, W9, P12 Room 25
ꨄ︎➺ Aether, Adamantoise, Goblet, W2, APT 51
ꨄ︎➺ Aether, Adamantoise, Goblet, W12, P22
ꨄ︎➺ Dynamis, Halicarnassus, Mist, W7. P14
ꨄ︎➺Diabolos, Goblet, W10, P43, Room 11
ꨄ︎➺ Diabolos, Goblet, W10, Apt 43
#rosestudiosffxiv & #hanaposes on twitter♥

Character Portraits

ꨄ︎➺350k - 1 person , 2 poses ,4 picturesꨄ︎➺550k -1 person, 3 poses, 6 picturesꨄ︎➺Single pose sets 250k per pose. 2-3 Pictures.
100k - per extra pose
150k - per extra person
1 mil - per handmade pose
ꨄ︎➺Wedding Price
5 mil base
100k per extra pose
Base includes:
-2 solo poses per spouse
-3 couples poses, 3 per pose
-1 group photo of entire wedding.
-Cutscenes all included.

Character Portraits

This option includes nudity or gore, depending on the request.
ꨄ︎➺500k - 1 person , 1 pose , 3 pictures
ꨄ︎➺650k- 1 person 2 poses , 5 picturesꨄ︎➺Single Pose set pictures 350k per pose 2-3 Pictures.
200k - per extra pose
2 mil - per handmade pose
250k - per extra personꨄ︎➺Honeymoon Package
6 mil base
Base Includes
ꨄ︎➺ 3 NSFW poses per spouse
ꨄ︎➺ 4 NSFW Couples poses - 3 photos per pose
Extra Prices
ꨄ︎➺ Extra person 300k
ꨄ︎➺ Custom pose - Handmade 1mil
ꨄ︎➺ Extra Pose 300k

Character Sheets

This option is safe for work and includes
ꨄ︎➺ 3 body shots - Bust and Backside.
ꨄ︎➺ 4 expressions.
ꨄ︎➺ Tail &Ear Details.
ꨄ︎➺ Character Coloring Stamps.
ꨄ︎➺ Character Name (any font).
ꨄ︎➺ Optional > Outfit details! (pick of the clothing detail).
ꨄ︎➺ (Backround color of your choice).
3 mil gil per sheet

Character Sheets

This option is for not safe for work, it includes the following.
ꨄ︎➺ 3 body shots - Bust and Backside.
ꨄ︎➺ 2 Expression shots.
ꨄ︎➺ Tail & Ear Details.
ꨄ︎➺ Character Coloring Stamps.
ꨄ︎➺ Character Name (any font).
ꨄ︎➺ Tattoo or scarring details.
ꨄ︎➺ (Backround color of your .choice)
4 mil gil per sheet

Edits or Wallpapers

Poses & Gifs

Pose CommissionsIf you are looking to have a pose made by me my prices are as followsꨄ︎➺ 1.5 mil > 1 person SFW pose
ꨄ︎➺ 2.5 mil > 1 person NSFW pose
ꨄ︎➺ 3.5 mil > 2 person SFW pose
ꨄ︎➺ 5 mil > 2 person NSFW pose
Anything special like props included will be an extra 500k per prop that is used in the pose. If the pose is made with housing items then it is not extra. If the pose involves 2+ people we will discuss a price and weather it is possible for me to make it.GIFSFor any gifs or animations that are wanted please provide the location of where you want them to happen and what animation you would like to have.ꨄ︎➺600k gil per gif

For a edits of a character, I will need to be able to take the photo or have the photo that is wanted, as the specific details of what is wanted for the photo. Such as drool, blood, c^m, cuts and bruises and other things. Specific details will need to be given to me and you will be sent a rough draft before I send the final copy.1 mil gil per
2 mil gil per NSFW
Includes all of the photos in the set and the edit themselves

Anything extra that is wanted you must provide to me. Clothing, hair, specific tails or ears as well as sculpts. I will need to be able to have it all downloaded in case something goes wrong while taking the photos.TOS ꨄ︎➺ If images are used on social media please tag me and or make sure to give credit. Please do not claim as your own or take the watermark off of the image once it is given to you.♡♡If anything needs to be changed please contact me and we will fix it as soon as possible.♡♡

Born as a Princess of the Far East ,she was known as one of the clan princesses in the steppe. Her father and mother deciding to give up their place as rulers and leaders to take their family to a safer place away from the Garlean attacks. They found that it was easier for them to move into the city and into protected lands, the other leaders of the East knowing who they wore and swearing to protect them. They knew from there on out that they had to live there.Her father taught the samurai in Kugane and her mother, working in magic , decided to put all of that behind her and simply start cooking. The family wanted to keep the traditional cooking of the steppe and the surrounding areas around Kugane alive so they decided to only deal with that sort of cuisine. Once her father retired they have opened up a small cafe on the edge of the Kugane markets that they run quietly together. Getting other people that fled from the far east to enjoy their food they made a good business for themselves. They still held their title as the rulers of the far east , silently watching everything from the side lines.Victoria soon learning about her background as a princess and who she was to be married to kept in secret from everyone and still doesn't talk about it much to this day. Her parents had arranged for her to be married to the leader of the Oronir clan, to which she said no. Though she had a fondness for him she did not think marriage to him would be a smart idea. Her parents plan to take over their places as the rightful rulers of the entire Far east soon enough, Higashi, Doma, Dalmasca and Nagxia all a like. She fully knows that she will take over the entirety of the Far eastern nations in the future.She finds that being with people and interacting with others keeps her busy enough not to think about any of that. She has had few relationships in her past but those she has had are very strong and bonded. Her finding these friends and relationships has lead to a overwhelming happiness in her and she strives to do that for everyone else. She finds that being out and about usually is the best way to keep her mind active.The family took over the rule of the far east a few years before the ending of the war. Her father taking back his rightful rule of the thrown and sending them back into power. Leading her to have all the eyes on her and new attentions from those who loved and loathed the family. She has been put under protective orders and is surrounded by guards at all times when she leaves the castle.Victoria has eternally bonded and been divorced from her ex-partner Lucien Redvayne. Since being married she has been crowned Queen of her line and plans to take over the East in the coming year. She wasbeen turned into a vampire of the void by her ex- partner. She has been living her life in many different ways since this has happened, her powers as the Nhaama interacting with her blood and her new voidsent abilities.Her lineage consists of three tribes as a whole. The Adarkim, the biggest tribe in the Steppe. The Qalli which are the song birds of the steppe and use music and singing to communicate. The Torgud , which choose to not wear clothing and embellish themselves in body paint and jewelry. Each tribe plays into her life and will come out with talking to her.She is the reincarnation of Nhaama. She nor her family know but she has started to experience some new powers that she didn't know she had in the past. Being that she is a princess she was blessed by the goddess to carry on her gift. Once she finds out she will still tend to keep it a secret from everyone but the man she has married.She was been turned into a vampire of the void by her ex- partner. She has been living her life in many different ways since this has happened, her powers as the Nhaama interacting with her blood and her new voidsent abilities.

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